8 thoughts on “Bring On More Kavanaughs!”

  1. I’ll confess I’m not going to be too surprised if one of these “get in their faces” types who confronts people in restaurants suddenly discovers that it’s not a good idea to do that when your target is sitting at a table covered in sharp metal objects with handles.

      1. Many “liberal” girly-men would love confronting someone with a fist. If you catch my drift. Heigh-yo!

    1. Democrats have been lulled into a false sense of security by trying to instigate fights with people who are paid not to respond to their attempts, police officers. Anyone who has seen video, and more importantly heard audio, of these protests knows that the things Democrats yell at the cops, sometimes less than an inch from their face, would cause a fight in any other context.

      The instigation is intentional because Democrats desperately want images of cops hitting protesters. A still frame photo or video with a voice over is a very powerful propaganda tool. What actually led up to the physical confrontation is irrelevant and the media wont be reporting on anything other than police beat peaceful protesters.

      Law enforcement knows this and has spent a lot of time training in how to ignore the taunts, insults, and physical attacks. This has caused the Democrats to continually step up the level of their provocations.

      That brings us to where we are today, when Democrats use these same tactics against civilians who then fight back. So far, the media has been an incredible ally for the Democrats by framing the violence as right wing but people go watch the stuff on youtube and know the media is lying. It is also great entertainment watching the Democrats get their butt’s kicked after they start fights.

      It would be better if there was no violence from anyone but Democrats are very determined to insert themselves into other people’s activities and instigate fights. It is just too bad the media is their mouthpiece. How much coverage did the Democrats decapitating an animal, lighting it on fire, and leaving it on the doorstep of an ICE worker get?

  2. OT. Just wanted to mention that until I went explicitly to your Desktop Site yesterday, I couldn’t see anything more recent than a 10/05 article (on top) and others even before that when I would swipe to the side. (Now I can’t seem to get back to the mobile site, so can’t tell what’s happening there now.) FYI.

    1. Accessing the site via mobile has been temperamental for a while now. Sometimes I get the desktop theme but for mobile and other times there is an entirely different mobile theme.

      When the different mobile theme appears, I just select go to desktop and it takes me to the mobile version of the desktop theme. Then everything appears as normal with just the headline, date, author, and number of comments.

      I haven’t had any problems of the current posts not showing up.

  3. Liberals are outclassed on the street. Have a look at this 11 second video:


    The lefty would be snapped in two by the punch-stopper like a dry twig. That kid is VERY lucky.

    And what’s with these face masks? Does it make the Lefties feel cool? They think it connects them to ISIS?

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