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  1. Sorry for being a bit personal.

    Rand for a engineer your logical thinking appears to be lacking.

    How dose the military deciding to run drills in the Arctic Circle preclude Trump being Russian stooge or at a minimal compromised.
    A. Did Trump order these Drills?
    B. It pretty clear the administration/ military does stuff with out the POTUS oversight or commands (See FBI/DOJ, Military Joint exercises in South Korea)

    On top of that since Trump complains about the deep state interference, you can also come to the conclusion that the deep state sending the message to Russia. That they still have some control and not the Russian stooge.

    Though for a supposedly non republican, non Trumpkin you seem to have turned a new leaf as a Trump apologist. Know you been accused of it before but must make good money doing that nowadays.

    Again sorry for being personal,
    I’ve refrained from commenting recently (not that I was ever that prolific) cause of recent trends around here though started a few but never submitted.

    1. This is a profoundly stupid and illogical comment, but I’ll let the other commenters have at it. I will only say that the next check I get for being a Trump supporter will be my first.

      1. Rand it quite simple how does the military training exercises in the Arctic Circle prove in either direction that Trump is a Russian Stooge or not.
        After all he has been very hands off with the military.

        You’ll make a better case for the Ukrainian weapons deals as sticking it in the Russian eye. Oh wait… https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/02/world/europe/ukraine-mueller-manafort-missiles.html

        As far as money, That was more tongue in cheek.
        So telling me no one used the donation button in the last 12 months?

        1. Yes, he’s been so “hands off the military” that he has demanded a Space Force to counter Russia and China, despite USAF opposition.

          Is Putin thrilled that Trump has been unleashing the American fossil-fuels industry, and is now the leading oil producer in the world?

          1. Well we both failed at reading comprehension.

            “From October 25th to November 23rd Carrier Strike Group Eight will participate in Trident Juncture, a NATO exercise designed to simulate rapidly reinforcing a member country under attack. The exercise will involve 50,000 NATO servicemen and women, 150 aircraft, 65 ships, and 10,000 vehicles. Trident Juncture will take place largely in Norway, with exercises taking place in Iceland, Finland, and Sweden”

            So commenting this has anything to do with Trump. As someone would say “is a profoundly stupid and illogical comment. ”

            I side with the space force is a good idea but who been running with it Pence. Didn’t know the military command went Trump -> Air Force Command-> Every other branch.

            Filling in the power vacuum left by the United States receding it global leadership and Trade position is worth lot more than any short term Oil Price. Besides they have a strangle hold on Natural Gas into Europe and there is really no cost effective alternatives short of Tanking it in . The Oil prices hurt American Surrogates like Saudi Arabia far more than Russia or it surrogates. Putin much prefer not be reliant on Oil Prices.

          2. Filling in the power vacuum left by the United States receding it global leadership

            Trump has been reasserting American leadership on the global stage. For example, he took Germany to task for being dependent on Russia for energy. Obama was lead from behind but Trump is out in front.

            and Trade position is worth lot more than any short term Oil Price

            Here again, Trump has been using the full sphere of American power to bring countries to the table and get them to treat us as well as we treat them. Tariffs didn’t start with Trump, they were tits for the tats that already existed.

            As far as what the military does and Pence’s role in things, the President sets the direction and delegates responsibility. That our military is taking a tougher approach to Russia under Trump than Obama and presumably Hillary, shouldn’t be read as a revolt of the armed forces but rather a change in leadership. Unless of course being tough on Russia is exactly what a Russian stooge would do.

            Russia isn’t alone though. Trump has been tough on all of our rivals rather than enabling them as the previous administration did and Hillary was sure to do as well.

          3. Can someone explain how CSG8’s involvement in a NATO exercise causes a power vacuum left by the United States receding it global leadership?

          1. Ah no but someone has to clean up the Shyte and take out the trash after the Orange Orangutan and his cult of 45 followers who finally found there surrogate testicle in there flawless orange god lay waste to the GOP.
            Turning the party of Lincoln into the party of MAGA bombers, Illuminati of child molesters conspiracist, Andrew Jackson worshipers, P grabbers, diaper wearing college dropouts and Confederate statue protectors.

            Stuck between them and the Bernie Bros, someone needs to start shoveling before it piles up.

          2. Well, they’ll need somebody more capable, intelligent, and knowledgeable than you. Quit being a coward and explain why you think the involvement of a US Carrier Strike Group logically leads to a conclusion that the US has created a power vacuum in global leadership.

            Trump demanding other NATO countries pay for their defense is called leadership. Not abandoning NATO while other countries figure out how to provide their own defense is not a vacuum.

            Obama created a vacuum in Iraq that lead to ISIS. He created a vacuum in Libya that resulted in the death of an ambassador. He cut military spending and instead gave billions to Iran while their leaders lead chants of “Death to America”. That’s not leadership, in fact Obama even declared that the US would no longer be a world leader.

            MAGA is about making the US a global leader. You don’t have to agree with it, but if you are going to come here and debate the host (who is no fan of Trump), then be prepared to make rational arguments supported with facts. You have facts, but they don’t seem to back your arguments. Explain them, and if you can’t, then expect no one to take you seriously.

            Hiding behind a title doesn’t serve you or the title, but that’s fine. If I was writing the ugly and stupid things you are, I wouldn’t associate my name either.

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