4 thoughts on “Web 3.0”

  1. From Snowden’s revelations of global intelligence surveillance to Cambridge Analytica’s deceitful use of Facebook data in the last U.S. presidential election, it has become increasingly clear that trusting our data with large organisations is dangerous.

    Its always funny how people using data analytics is only a problem if that person is Trump. Obama abused FB far more than Trump and was celebrated for it and while social media is populated with some foreign actors, Democrats employ their own Wu Maos. But if it takes Trump winning to get Democrats to realize how abusive this all can be, that’s great but it looks like the tech community wants to keep the analytics and wants to use censorship and societal excommunication to deal with people they don’t like.

    The rest of the article about Pied Piper was interesting though, would like to learn more.

    1. Obama’s people did the exact same thing as Cambridge Analytica did for Trump, and the media crowed about it. As you say, it’s only a problem because Republicans did it.

      1. That the outrage is still on the 2016 election and not what is going on now tells us all we need to know about how sincere Democrats and the tech community are about using data analyitics for politics.

  2. The whole concept is ridiculous unless people stop using social media which is free because the users are the product. Sort of like soilent green when you think about it. The consumer is voluntarily consumed by the consumers.

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