These Are The Crazy Years

I know that posting has been light/non-existent. Between dealing with the house, and all the travel (I’ve been in DC most of the week, going back home tonight), I’m suffering from a little blog burnout. But things will probably be back to normal on Monday, probably until Thanksgiving, after which I’m off to Luxembourg and other European destinations.

4 thoughts on “These Are The Crazy Years”

  1. Rachel Maddow made a tweet stating that this was a break glass in case of emergency moment and they knew it was coming.

    The media keeps portraying these protest/marketing campaigns as spontaneous events. The reality is that they are highly organized long in advance. The media plays its role and while the messaging might roll out shortly before the protest/marketing campaign, the media participants were recruited much much earlier and knowingly play their role in more than one protest/marketing campaign.

    On any issue, like a shooting, where an event can be assured to happen at some point in the future, Democrats have a protest/marketing campaign canned and ready to be implemented. Once the event happens, the orders go out and the street mobs are activated. Everything is scripted and acted out according to the plan.

    It is blatant but the media never accurately informs the public what is actually taking place and who is organizing, funding, and what Democrat agitprop groups are taking part. The media can’t do this, just like they can’t accurately report on what the Obama administration did to the Trump campaign, because they are co-conspirators. And they wonder why no one trusts the media anymore.

    1. Canned, until the event doesn’t fit the narrative, such as the Las Vegas shooting, then it goes down the memory hole quick. Foreigners running a training camp for school shooters in New Mexico, where a dead child was also found? Let’s pretend that never happened, just like we pretended Jim Acosta didn’t actually touch the intern although the live video showed that happened.

      I think at first, most people were fine with just ignoring the press tantrums as childish. But the continued public assaults at restaurants and now at homes; plus the absurd lies about Kavanaugh; these things were pushing the edge of acceptability. The nonsense in Broward and Palm Beach county, plus Arizona; I think they’ve gone too far.

      What do I mean? Well, I’m seeing the stories about Malibu being on fire, and while last year I cared, this year I don’t. In a few cases, I even chuckle. For the few that suffered with whom I can sympathize; I’ve reached out and provided aid directly to them.

  2. Yes, and it looks like in the spirit of Mayor Daley the Democrats in Florida are doing their best to steal the election with fake ballots while playing the role of victim.

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