The War Within Jewry

Troubled observations from David Bernstein:

Mainstream Jews of moderate liberal to moderate political proclivities, a majority of American Jews, are going to have to choose between the modern-day Hellenizers whose actual religion is a pastiche of left-wing cliches, and those who are loyal to something akin to traditional Judaism. I don’t doubt the traditionalists will win in the end, if only because they are producing far more Jewish progeny per capita than are left-wing secularists. Unfortunately, in the meantime the leftists are proceeding to destroy formerly mainstream American Jewish institutions. The small denomination known as Reconstructionism, once the most intellectual branch of American Judaism, has devolved into a theological joke, much larger Reform Judaism is on the brink, and the once-respected (albeit liberal-leaning) Anti-Defamation League has become a center of partisan progressive hackery. I’ve been sounding apocalyptic about this lately, but let me repeat: a Neo-Nazi murdered eleven Jews, and the immediate and continuing reaction of a very vocal segment of American Jewry has been to use the occasion to attack fellow Jews.

They are Jewish in ancestry only.

3 thoughts on “The War Within Jewry”

  1. Sounds like identity politics to me: They’re members of this group, so they’re supposed to act in this way.

    1. How are the Jews supposed to act?

      I agree the Democrats are engaging in identity politics but I don’t think that is what you mean.

  2. I’m not Jewish myself, but I saw what I thought was an amusing comment at Instapundit recently:

    Q: What is the difference between Donald Trump and a Reform Jew?
    A: Trump has Jewish grandchildren.

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