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  1. Even more, how can the same person both spew on about how they’re so fond of “science” and then also blame “mercury in retrograde” for a problem with their computer?

    1. Because the leftist mind has been selectively bred to endure levels of cognitive dissonance that would render a rational human being comatose.

    2. The planet Mercury in retrograde is as good an explanation as any for a whole bunch of computer problems.

      Ever had a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet turn stone-cold black screen and stop responding to the power button? And what would explain that the lithium battery on this overpriced computer bling cannot be replaced without using a heat gun to melt the adhesive and prying off the touch screen.

      A woman tried to explain this as Microsoft being a greedy corporation wanting me to purchase a new one instead of simply replacing the battery, but as a guy, I tell you it has to be Mercury in retrograde.

    3. More odd those that think humans are responsible for permanently changing the climate while “mercury in retrograde” affects their personal lives.

  2. I once looked into Chinese astrological signs for compatibility. There is a pattern to it. Basically it states that your “optimum” partner should have been born within one year difference from your birth date (after or before). It is as simple as that.

    Curiously there are also modern studies which claim basically the same thing. That those who marry with people within one year difference have less of a chance of going through divorce.

    So take that as you will.

    I do not consider it total hogwash because in some incredibly small phenomena like nuclear fusion even things like the gravity of the moon or nearby planets can cause wobbles in the plasma. So I do not think it is totally impossible for there to be a connection with the way the brain or the body is formed taking gravity into consideration. But yeah most of it is bunk. The most BS part of it is daily or whatever horoscopes i.e. fortune telling. The personality traits in most books I have read quite often can basically apply to basically anyone. Worse thing is some people even use astrology in business and it is not a small occurrence. It happened with two of my former employers. One of them was of an astral sign I supposedly should be incompatible at in working with and he noticed that. I basically told him my grandmother was of his sign and he laughed it off. We had a great working relationship. I was less fortunate with the second one (we shared the same sign which is supposedly a good thing in business). So yeah it’s basically a bunch of BS.

    1. I read several years ago that the gravitational attraction between two people in the same room* is vastly greater that the attraction from the moon. When you factor in that the gravitational attraction between the moon and a person on earth is orders of magnitude greater that that from other planets, astrology is complete and utter hogwash.

      *Which goes to show that mothers are right when they say you’re influenced by the company you keep. /s

      1. There was a TV show awhile ago that had a panel of, what is the right word, New Age charlatans who would try to say or predict things about the guest. Was it on Canadian TV because I remember in Detroit we got a CBC channel locally?

        I got the sense that the host of the show took a “skeptical” (of non-scientific “readings”) point-of-view in let’s pit these charlatans against each other.

        The psychic talked about all kinds of vibes and auras but seemed to come up goose eggs on knowing anything about the guest. The astrologer, however, cast a horoscope, and then rattled off what that was supposed to tell us, and that was uncannily spot-on.

        Now a lot of psychic or tarot-card casting or entrails interpreting is a kind of con game, where you start saying things about your client and reading their reactions, and their “tell” directs you to say more that what they want to hear. Maybe the astrologer was working that way.

        On the other hand, “what house” you were born in and your “sign” is really reading an astronomical calendar about in what month and also what year you were born, and maybe that gives a lot of information about a person on a correlation-without-causation basis? That is that people casting horoscopes have accumulated information on what traits fit people whose early childhood development started in different environmental conditions caused by the seasons?

  3. When someone informs me that they are into astrology, I ask her (invariably “her”) if she reads entrails. That is to say, does she reach into a freshly killed chicken, pull out the bloody innards, and attempt to ascertain the future. Usually her nose wrinkles in disgust and the answer is in the negative. Then I ask if she reads her horoscope in order to keep her hands clean. Sometimes they get it.

  4. Belief in astrology is magical thinking. Magical thinking is one of the diagnostic criteria for schizotypal personality disorder, a mental disorder affecting Leftists almost exclusively.

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