How To Have Thanksgiving Dinner With An Angry Uncle

Some useful tips from Jim Treacher:

According to the robot programmed by a liberal, if you want to talk to somebody about hot-button issues over Thanksgiving dinner, the only acceptable responses are to agree with the liberal or to avoid openly disagreeing with the liberal. Anything else and you’re just an angry uncle.

But you don’t need some stupid bot to help you out, right? You’ve got a stupid blogger right here! Here are a few of my tips for getting through Thanksgiving dinner with people who disagree with you even though you’re absolutely sure you’re right.

But the most important advice remains Sonny Bunch’s.

[Late-afternoon update]

The joy of Thanksgiving, when you get to tell your whole family that they’re fascists.

7 thoughts on “How To Have Thanksgiving Dinner With An Angry Uncle”

  1. I’m usually the conservative (not angry) at the table….

    The progs simply can’t help themselves. They bring up something specifically to get a rise out of me. I’ll politely answer their question and then a fight breaks out…

  2. “May I ask you an open-ended, non-judgmental question about how people like you are raping the earth and destroying democracy?”



    1. “…question about how people like you are raping the earth and destroying democracy?”
      Objection, prejudicial, assumes facts not in evidence.

      (No, I’m not a lawyer, but I am a fan of the classic Perry Mason)

      1. The funny thing is that most of my family are lawyers….20% physicians and the rest liars….

        Er, lawyers.

        They don’t like it when I talk lawyer at them.

      2. How can you communicate if at least one party refuses to share a common definition of word meaning? My sister can’t, literally refuses, to say the word “a·bor·tion (i.e. [əˈbôrSH(ə)n])”. You either say Right To Choose™>/em> or it quickly changes to “walk out the door, you fascist!”
        We don’t talk much any more, sigh, she also can’t mention Trump without compulsively swearing. For that she has a reason though, she served in one of the Florida EPA’s permitting offices so I suppose she had some old war wounds from dealing with developers like Trump.

        1. I’m sure Trump would have some stories to tell of difficulties from government permitting offices giving him the run-around.

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