8 thoughts on “Curing Aging”

  1. The best argument I can muster against engineered immortality is that science advances one death at a time.

  2. Yeah, but at the end of it, he wants money for research, but he never gives anything but generalities.

    He has few results and won’t even tell how he plans to proceed.

    Snake Oil

    1. It’s kind of difficult to have big results without money to fund the research. And any human research is crippled by innovation-sapping regulations, which is why so much of longevity research is happening among those of us who are dosing ourselves with promising chemicals.

      Besides which, I tend to consider him more important for the publicity he gives to the idea of curing ageing than the actual results right now. It’s going to happen, and the more money researchers can raise, and the more regulations they can get relaxed or eliminated, the faster it’s going to happen.

    2. De Grey has written that he invested most of his inheritance in aging research. Unless you believe that to be untrue, the worst you can say about him is that he is misguided.

  3. Who hates you? Do you have religious opponents?

    As for religious groups, no. I may not be on the extremist radar yet, and I think largely it’s due to the fact that people quickly understand that this is about health.

    It is more likely that your typical lefty will hate him due to environmental or class warfare nonsense. But because of the blinders to many people in the media have, concerns from the left, no matter how extremest they are, will be portrayed as sensible.

    1. If there’s one thing the ‘progressive’ left really, truly hate, it’s progress.

      I was reading a thread on another site a few days ago where someone was asking if they should spend the money to freeze their dying father. The leftists’ responses were all ‘climate change! overpopulation! teh environment!’

      Oh, and let’s not forget ‘inequality!’ because only people who’ve made some money in their life can afford it.

      I guess the reason they hate the idea of enhanced longevity, is because no-one would vote for socialists if they knew they were going to live a thousand years. It’s one thing to wreck a country and send the bill to your kids, quite another to have to pay the bill yourself.

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