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  1. This is a hot button item for me. I’m partially deaf and wear hearing aids that are technological wonders at $2500 a piece. They can go directional or omni-direction at a touch, but I can’t barely follow conversations in many restaurants.

    My wife has great hearing and also hates the loudness to the point that we usually get food to go and eat at home.

    Bar-restaurant combos are the worst. I’m functionally deaf in those environments. I’m not a good lip reader, but try reading the lips of someone sitting across from you who is talking with food in their mouth.

    1. Last time I went to a concert I used noise cancelling ear plugs.
      Most of the people could only communicate with mobile phone text messages anyway. I find this to be the new normal in clubs and other loud places with the Millenials now.

  2. It also doesn’t help when they have the music (or “music”) turned up louder than I’d have it when I am hope alone and just listening for enjoyment.

    Turn it off, since no one can hear it or is there to listen to it anyhow.

  3. My pet peeve as well. Also, not sure why a louder environment is supposed to cause people to drink more, according to the OP.

    Meanwhile, one of the companies shown on CNBC’s The Profit was making suitable artwork on sound-absorbing tiles for restaurants and retail. Here’s hoping they catch on.

    A good entrepreneur might look into portable dining, for those of us tired of going out. Kind of a cross between catering and Dominoes. Order the food online, they show up to your house or office conference room, set the table, serve the food, and come back a few hours later to clean it up.

    1. The upscale restaurants I’ve had the displeasure of eating at are WAY more loud than any waffle house. I can have a decent conversation and breakfast with my wife at a waffle house. I can see her and hear her inflections and laughter. We went to one local place that was suppose to be the “It” place and had to leave before we even got a table because it was too damn loud.

  4. I mainly eat in TexMex joints. The Cha-Cha-Polka stuff is quieter and less annoying than the so-called music in “upscale” restaurants. Not to mention you can get a pretty decent meal for under ten bucks.

  5. Five Guys is the textbook case.

    Love their burgers, hate the noise. 60’s rock is okay, but it doesn’t have to be at stage decibels when I’m trying to eat or talk.

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