The Fourth National Climate Assessment

Anthony Watts is having fun with it.

I continue to be amazed at people who continue to attempt to compare landing a probe on another planet to predicting something as complex as the climate and the economy eight decades from now.

[Thursday-morning update]

Bjorn Lomborg: What the media got all wrong about the report.

Pretty much everything.

[Update Friday morning]

“The NCA’s projections are simply not borne out by the data.”



[Late-morning update]

How the Trump administration blew it on the NCA:

The Administration now has a problem since some Democrats say they will use the report to oppose a number of the Trump Administration’s attempts to weaken a number of the Obama climate regulations that they have proposed, including using the report to persuade courts to reinstate the original Obama Administration regulations. All this was quite foreseeable. So why did the Administration publish the report without reviewing it? Was it because it was not paying attention to what the bureaucracy was doing? This is hard to believe, but appears now to be the case. One obvious possibility is that they wanted to avoid the charge that they had “corrupted” the report writing process. But the costs are likely to be high. Another possibility is that Acting Administrator Wheeler did not want to endure questions about possible intervention at his confirmation hearing. But the evidence appears to suggest inattention by the Trump Administration was the major problem.

You don’t say.

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  1. Technically it’s David Middleton. Anthony lives in Chico, CA. and has taken a break from WUWT moderation to help out the victims of the Camp Fire that recently destroyed nearby Paradise CA. Charles The Moderator has taken over from Anthony for the time being….

  2. If economies and environments were so easy to predict the USSR wouldn’t have collapsed, yes? The theory that Central Planning conquers all may succeed in works of fiction but in Real Life there are these Unknown Unknowns that wreak havoc on their dreams…

    1. Well, that and conflict of interest. Never let central planning ever know how hard you can work else they’ll work you like a dog.

      1. I asked an avowed Socialist , and never received a reply: (1) If a Top-Down Managed Economy is such a “Great Thing” why didn’t civilization settle on Absolute Monarchy as the best government? (2) If a totalitarian managed city-state was great why do we hear horror stories about “Company Towns” ?
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