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  1. The second half, to be published Wednesday, will delve into Bruno’s relationship with Blue Origin, with which ULA is both a customer and a competitor

    This is a really dangerous position to be in over the long term. But what business is ULA in?

    Well, I don’t know, it depends on if other people are doing that. So we’re looking at this whole transportation network, and where we would fit in and add the most value. If other people take on that particular role then it won’t be something we need to do.

    It looks like they don’t really know what business ULA will be in ten years from now but that the industry is changing and they will find their place. If lowering the cost of access to space really does lead to economic expansion, it could very well mean that doing “things” in space will be a larger market than launch.

    Why focus on launch when it is hyper competitive and also highly constrained by technology and physics when there is more room for growth and new products at the other end of launch?

    1. Fair questions, all.

      But another question at least as fair is, “Even if ULA figures out something really neat to do off-planet that would make it a lot of money in the long term, how are they going to get from where they are now to where they’d need to be – especially over the next three to five years?”

      Doesn’t matter how good things look on the other side of the bridge if the bridge is out.

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