2 thoughts on “Michael Cohen”

  1. It would be nice if Mueller was as hard nosed in reining in the corruption of the Obama administration while he was in the Obama administration but considering that the Russian Collusion conspiracy was intercepted by the Obama administration, as was the Special Counsel investigation, and that his current staff is made up of DNC stalwarts, he is still there doing the Lord’s work.

    1. If there is a law that prohibits foreign countries from meddling in our elections, where does that law state that it is fine if it is the UK, but not Russia? What about Iran, which is currently meddling in our nation’s affairs? Wouldn’t Iran be on the same list with Russia, if such a law and list exists?

      The fact is, the Hillary campaign colluded with a foreign spy from the UK, who then worked with other foreign assets in Russia, to develop a dossier that was used as a basis to spy on the Trump campaign. Nixon was only accused of covering up a single break-in and threatening partisan use of the IRS. What Obama and Hillary have done is use national resources, including the CIA and FBI, to gain access to the opposition’s campaign. And that’s setting aside the well known collusion between the Hillary campaign and CNN to corrupt primary and national debates, and the collusion between the Hillary campaign and the DNC which effectively defrauded Democrat donors and disenfranchised voters during the primary.

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