5 thoughts on “Constitutional Hardball”

  1. Good article but the real reason campaign finance violations wont bring down Trump is because Republicans control the Senate.

    The Democrats waged a campaign of intimidation against the electoral college and used organized violence to prevent civilians from going to the inauguration. The only thing stopping them from By Any Means Neccessary is that they dont have the means at this point in time.

    1. That and there are far more hush money expenditures protecting Congress using taxpayer funds. Trump wouldn’t go down for this stupid stuff and let Congress not face up to their atrocities.

  2. Trump may be corrupt, but the mania to destroy Trump is also exposing the deep and broad corruption in the powerful institutions trying to destroy Trump.

    1. How is Mr. Trump corrupt.

      Skirt-chasing, vain, boorish, mercurial, but corrupt?

      The Clinton’s with their Foundation were/are corrupt. Does Donald Trump have anything like it.

      The man is a multi-billionaire — he can’t be bought. He ran his campaign on a shoestring on the back of all the media attention he was generating. That was the whole point of selecting him over Hillary Clinton. He is not corrupt, at least, in the style of you-known-who.

  3. Seems pretty clear to me ‘constitutional hardball’ began with the Democrats and the ‘Borking’ of 1987.

    Younger people may not appreciate just how shocking the election of 1980 was to the Democratic establishment. The Democrats had taken to heart the election trouncings of 1964 and 1974 as proof of their perpetual hold on national power. The election of Reagan and Democratic loss of the U.S. Senate majority in 1980 was incomprehensible to them.

    That’s how you got the insanity of Senator Ted Kennedy attempting to secretly conspire with Yuri Andropov, to defeat the 1984 Reagan reelection. And the parade of elected Democrats and other American ‘sandalnistas’ down to Nicaragua, in support and praise of the communist dictatorship. This was the atmosphere during which Obama was in college, expressing his own comraderie with ‘sandalnistas’.

    So how did the Democrats react when they regained power? Tellingly, the moment the Democrats took back control of the U.S. Senate they started the escalating war of ‘constitutional hardball’ with their process abuse of the Robert Bork nomination to the Supreme Court.

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