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  1. Half-truths, at best.

    E.g., “No one has admitted to this, but I’m quite sure I’ve shown a great many people where a clitoris is and how to find it.” It’s on page 356 of the standard textbook. https://tinyurl.com/y9rwya2g

    Some women just love talking about their junk.

    1. Finding a clitoris from a picture is a bit harder than finding it on a live woman. Plus as the commenter below pointed out, everybody’s downstairs is different so not every woman will look like the picture. And when it comes to the exam horror stories in the article, I suspect the issue is partly that a lot of doctors aren’t really that good with people. Something as simple as letting the patient know that she can speak up if it hurts would probably help a lot.

  2. There are numerous problems with the article, so I’ll just hit a couple of highlights:

    The author is holding herself up as an exemplar of some imaginary universal female anatomy, which is nonsense. Just by way of example, her dislike of sexual contact involving her urethra and cervix. The fact is, some women will have an orgasm if you rub their urethral sponge. That’s where the so-called G-spot is. And there is a widely, but not universally accepted theory that stimulation of the cervix by the glans penis is the source of the so-called blended orgasm. I’ve been married three times and had live-in girl friends in the gaps: They’re a variable lot.

    More importantly, if medical students are practicing gynecological exams on unconscious, possibly nonconsenting female patients, that cries out for a criminal investigation. As a first step, a grand jury should be empaneled and the author subpoenaed. Her testimony would included who told her that.

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