The Florida House

We put it on the market a couple weeks ago, and we got an offer of $275K on Saturday (the asking price was $280K). We counteroffered to split the difference, and they accepted it. It’s a young couple who reportedly loved the place. It’s their first house, and we’re told by the realtor that she was crying in joy, so that made us feel good. According to the realtor, everyone who saw it liked it, but apparently many thought it was priced too high. Fortunately, this couple didn’t, at least not much.

17 thoughts on “The Florida House”

  1. Don’t know if you’ve sold a house before, but be prepared for more drama between now and closing. Second-pass haggling over inspection-period findings, and delays getting their financing – those are the two biggies.

    That said, if many think it too high but one is ready to pay it, you probably priced it just right. It only takes one who thinks it a good deal to make a sale.

  2. .893 percent here, .893 percent there, on $280K you’re talking real money. $2350 more in the bank is worth a quick round of haggling.

  3. Congratulations, hopefully it closes cleanly. It’s good to get closure on those things in life that we have moved on from.

      1. If we owned our CA property free and clear, we’d still be paying $500/month rent to the state, in the form of property taxes. To me, the best reason to own a house is that you can do whatever you want with it, in terms of paint/modifications/etc., without objections from a landlord.

        1. Property tax should be unconstitutional. Never really own anything if you have to pay the government to keep it.

      1. It all depends on the situation. An advantage of renting that is important to me is being able to move elsewhere without the risk of illiquidity or losing wealth in a depressed market. On the other hand, by not buying real estate I have missed bullish phases that could have set me up for life.

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