5 thoughts on “The War On Princesses”

  1. It’s interesting to me that on THE SIMPSONS, oh-so-enlightened “progressive” Lisa Simpson is a princess-phile.

    1. Looking closely, don’t all feminists want to be treated like princesses? They don’t want equal treatment, they want preferential treatment.

  2. they aren’t having their autonomy brainwashed away by feature-length cartoons

    They are and they aren’t. The media we consume does affect us. They author does note this but talks up one side of it while talking down the other. How much is tough to say but we do know that little girls wont view princess as career path any more than video games create mass murderers or the new woody woodpecker turns kids into ELF environmental terrorists.

    There are morals and themes which are meant to impact the audience. This is why there are always attacks on the various mediums of story telling. Disagreements are good as long as they are in good faith and not an attempt to twist and smear the story out of context. Is the cultural Marxist approach to deconstruction of society a good faith effort? Only if we all start from acknowledging what their goals are.

    Such myths have roots in academia. Academic feminists typically contend that culture alone is responsible for behavior.

    This is the same utopian view that has created the current fad that there is no such thing as race. If you still consider yourself colorblind, you are a racist and if you think that race exists but that it doesn’t matter, you are a racist. It is quite the conundrum that while race doesn’t exist, racists do exist. Rather convenient.

    Oh, one more thing, wait until the radical feminists discover the Hallmark channel. All these movies about middle aged professional women upset with missing out on so many great men in their youth and hunting for someone to spend the rest of her life with after pumping out a baby or two who happens to be handsome a prince, wealthy landowner, or successful businessman. Sometimes all three!

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