Ageism In Silicon Valley

This is a stupid attitude. The degree to which the young Turks denigrate experience, in which you’re over the hill at thirty, is just breathtaking up there.

It’s obviously of concern to me right now, because I’m planning a start up this in the new year, with other experienced people. Know where I won’t be looking for money? Sand Hill Road.

15 thoughts on “Ageism In Silicon Valley”

  1. The one thing the left really hate is diversity. Everyone must think and act the same.

    And the older guys in Silicon Valley tended towards libertarianism, so they have to be kicked out so they won’t interfere with the Social Justice agenda there these days.

  2. It’s kind of pointless to work on life extension if people are considered to be washed up and useless by the time they hit 40.

  3. “Know where I won’t be looking for money? Sand Hill Road.”

    Funny thing is that even if the software “engineers” aren’t old enough to buy beer, the VCs and executives who take home most of the profits are as middle-aged as ever.

  4. I’m as a software engineer in my early-50’s in Silicon Valley it’s my impression that this attitude is more pervasive at the large companies such as Google and Facebook where SJWism runs amok. At the start-ups, particularly the very early-phase ones, there is currently such a demand for talent and experience that I haven’t personally had any difficulty in finding positions. There is definitely a generation gap between us aging Gen-Xer’s and the Millenials, but it makes for amusing lunchtime conversations more than anything else.

  5. Rand, BTW, can you share anything about your start-up plans? I’m always keeping my eyes open for new, interesting opportunities.

  6. We need a company to provide outfitting services for the private space industry that is developing.

    Spacesuits and the like.

  7. Why are you still working?

    “Well, for one thing I have traveled quite a bit over the years. I mean, I’ve been to Goa. Didn’t like it very much; it smells like sewage everywhere, probably because they don’t know how to use toilets over th… wait, is your head exploding?”

  8. Not happening just in Silicon Valley. I’ve spent many months looking for work here in the Portland, OR area. Not even one interview. I’ve had half-a-dozen recruiters working for me over various periods of time since April of last year, and they’re all scratching their heads. I’ve got a good resume. More than one of them has suggested that my age (53) is a factor. They run into ageism more than occasionally.

    It sucks, because I really want to get my hands dirty with a good software project. But no dice yet. We’ll see how it goes. But I’m kinda resigned about it at the moment.

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