4 thoughts on “A New Year’s Tip”

  1. OMG seriously??

    Rand are you trolling us? You sly dog, you’ve been playing with the kittens too much.

    That’s not lactose intolerance, that’s pure stupidity. Anybody that does that will get gut pain. And then she writes a whole article about how she got sick after (in spectacular fashion) not following the diet plan.

    Many of us are more or less sensitive to lactose and starches but we eat them regularly and are adapted to them. Ditch the adaptation and go whole-hog back into the sugar and dairy, this will happen to you too.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I also heard that a lot of soldiers in Napoleon’s Russian invasion who manage to escape back to Lithuania ate so much in there that their stomachs basically burst. The human body adapts to the environment, so sure, you can’t go from not eating anything at all to gorging yourself next. One example is that, the stomach shrinks and dilates according to the volume of food you eat but it has limits on how fast it can do it. Another example is the production of several food enzymes like the ones mentioned in the article.

  3. Hmmm? How much of that quick change is a makeover of the gut bacteria? Because of a deep puncture wound I had to take a course of full-spectrum antibiotics and I have noticed changes in how I digest foods.

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