6 thoughts on “Mitt Romney”

  1. Trying to start a 2020 Presidential Run before he even is sworn in for his six (6) year senatorial term. What. A. Putz. How much time and effort can he give his constituents?

    1. I hope that is not what is going on. Not only is it a betrayal of his state but also of the Republican party.

      Who are the wormtongues filling NT Republicans with the confidence to challenge Trump? Someone has to be feeding them lies to puff up their view of themselves to think it is possible. It isn’t.

      What Romney, McCain, Flake, Kasich, and various other NT haven’t learned is that the left hates them as much as they hate Trump. Virtue signalling wont buy a pass.

  2. Like many other scions of politics, Mitt has learned nothing and forgotten nothing. The WaPo, CNN, etc., will be his friend as long as he’s their Useful Idiot (McCain is dead, Flake is retired for now, Kasich has too. Ugh reputation as a weirdo), but let him deviate from that role, and he’ll be another literally-Hitler.

    Here’s hoping that Cocaine Mitch sits Mitt down and explains the facts of life to him, preferably in words of one syllable or less.

    1. Autocorrect snafu – should be “Kasich has too much of a reputation as a weirdo”. But “ugh” works too 🙂

    2. These people are all old enough to know better. Do they even pay attention? It is one thing for normals with lives to live to ignore what is going on but when one steps into the game, one should know what the game is.

  3. As I noted on Twitter, Trump was right; if Romney had gone after con-man Obama the way that he went after Trump, he’d have beaten him.

    This is true. Romney couldn’t have stood up for himself without being disagreeable or appearing combative, something Trump is regularly attacked for and Romney would have been too. Notice how Obama savaged him in the other debates, something Trump is also attacked for.

    Praise and disparagement isn’t consistently applied according to principle, it is applied according to the DNC media’s prerogative to maintain power. Too many people get suckered into it.

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