No, conservatives are not angry because she danced on a rooftop.

I had a stupid Twitter exchange with one of these idiots yesterday.

20 thoughts on “AOC”

  1. To me, AOC means approximate original contour.

    And she is about the same IQ as a backfill of dirt.

  2. I think the GOP would thrilled to have her run in presidential race.
    Imagine her coattails.
    It would be like Nancy Pelosi running for President but it would be far more entertaining- and would be a much larger landside victory for GOP.
    And AOC has zero chance of getting any better- it’s all downhill from here.

  3. Creepy VeePee won’t even sit at a table with another women.

    I thought a creep was a guy who was constantly hitting on women. Now he’s a creep for not doing it?

    I think that goalpost just broke the sound barrier.

    1. Pence is looking like a genius after the Kavanaugh hearing. When you find a woman that makes a wonderful wife then stay with her. Why risk the possibility of a cray-cray woman trying to monetize your success? And lets be honest, AOC’s tax policies are all about getting her hands on other people’s money in order to make herself seem like a better person.

    2. Looks to me as though Pence is just exercising an enhanced version of that old bit of advice about never being in a closed room with any women not a blood relative or one’s spouse to also include never being within groping distance of one even in public. The Left will, predictably, spin this as gynophobia. I think a more reasonable word is prudence.

      1. “The Left will, predictably, spin this as gynophobia”

        But you are doing the exact same thing.. Rand does it all the time.

        You constantly brand everything and everyone “the left” “the lefties”

        I never see any distinguishing with some “nut” left of center mutters some inane statement and instantly that is a meme of “the left”

        In logic that is a fail. I am on left and I am not going to “spin this as gynophobia” so you are wrong and guilty of the same branding.

        1. You constantly brand everything and everyone “the left” “the lefties”

          This is a good point. It is always important to look at how positions people hold are representative of the larger group. Looking at whether elected leader, party bosses, funders, thought leaders, and activist groups also hold the same views is important.

          It has been my experience that just as people on the left are incapable of stating other’s views from the other’s POV, they also disproportionately seize on minority or individual views to represent the whole while also claiming their own majority views are really only held by a few individual or minority groups.

          Whenever I have been in a situation like this, I always reference positions the groups mentioned above to support my points about the larger group. Very rarely have lefties dealt with this in a good way. Usually it is just anger, denial, obfuscation, and dishonesty.

          For example, there are still Democrats who deny that socialists and communists are a core part of their party. Not even pointing out Sanders would have won their nomination if Hillary and the DNC didn’t rig the primary will get them to admit the obvious.

          1. I agree with you. But the general caution invoked is not applicable to my particular situation here. My attribution to “The Left” of a general belief that those of us on the right are denigrators of and/or would-be oppressors of women can hardly be characterized as the fringe belief of a few outliers.

            That stands in exquisite contrast to the alleged “conservative” distaste for AOC’s adorably cute roof-dancing video.

        2. I guess I have to ask what the threshold number of “nuts” expressing some particular slander is before one is allowed to reasonably attribute belief, or at least professed belief, in it to a particular political tendency as a general thing?

          The generic notion that “conservatives” all harbor antique and retrograde ideas anent the status and equality of women certainly seems to have a great deal of currency on the Left. It’s not hard to find pretty much any arbitrarily large number of individual such declarations made on public forums by an equally large number of individual self-identified leftists.

          That this particular slander attached specifically to the Vice President this time is simply a case of leftists particularizing something they believe to be a general characteristic of their political opponents. The slanderer even makes this explicitly clear.

          So, no, I don’t think my notion about what “The Left” thinks in this particular case is off the mark at all.

          That is in decidedly stark contrast to the main subject matter of Rand’s post. As a link provided by another commenter below makes clear, this whole alleged “conservative attack” on AOC’s decade-old roof-dancing video seems to bear all the earmarks of a deliberately manufactured bit of distractive fake news aimed at garnering sympathy for AOC after yet another of her seemingly unending incidents of foot-in-mouth disease.

          Some on the right have now publicly expressed suspicion that AOC, herself, was behind this whole episode. At this point, I’m not inclined to think she’s smart enough to exercise this level of Machiavellianism unassisted. The Left certainly didn’t invent false flag operations, but running them has unarguably become a standard tactic, as witness the dozens of fake “hate crime” incidents that have been documented in recent years.

          I find it regrettable that you consider yourself as on the left. Why is that, exactly? Because you find right-wing beliefs icky? Maybe you ought to make an effort to find out what we on the right actually believe, as opposed to the self-serving and self-congratulatory slanders propounded ceaselessly by many on your current side of the political divide, many of whom are thoroughly reprehensible people.

  4. Every time she speaks, she sounds like a one-dimensional antagonist from Atlas Shrugged or The Fountainhead.

    It seems like everything she says is so shallow and intellectually dishonest that she appears to be a character in a play.

    Talk about NPC’s.

  5. Sometimes I wonder if marxists and other Democrats are open to persuasion. Government will have more money to spend on social welfare over time if we have a strong economy and a government that allows people to spend their money how they want. Taxation is necessary but also retards society to some degree.

    Then I remember that it really isn’t about improving people’s lives but about generating cohesion of different tribal groups through punishing scapegoats in order to gain power over society and culture in order to dictate how people live their lives.

    Wouldn’t marxists be open to achieving betterment of human life without the tyranny? Nope. They think they can do a better job, which is scary when you look at their personalities. This is especially true for the “smart” ones.

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