6 thoughts on “Captain Marvel”

  1. His trolling examples are lame.

    “Looks awesome, and she’s got a built-in phasor torpedo!”

    “Another great super-hero, but why don’t any of them ever use their light saber?”

    “I hope they bring back that wookie Groot.”

  2. For once, I’m favoring the DC Captain. To be fair, that’s because I’ll watch anything with Zach Levi (“Chuck”) in it.

  3. Never liked superhero comics. I was a big fan however, of the 60s and 70s underground comix. They were less propagandistic than Marvel is now and far more entertaining and original. Plus if you didn’t like them nobody called you a Nazi.

  4. Traditional comics have been overrun by SJWs so the characters and messages are totally pozzed. Same applies to the movies.

    Look to Arkhaven Comics for an alternate point of view. They’re actually pretty good.

    1. The comic based movies aren’t as bad yet. Deadpool 2 is probably the future though just like every Star Wars is going to have a robot (npc) screaming about feminism and poorly thought out, only to be matched by poorly expressed, contemporary politics guiding the actions of characters from a galaxy far far away.

  5. The article is written from the point of view of Marvel Comics vs DC – that is, space warrior princess (well, captain) vs shazam! But I am old enough to remember that the Marvel Comics version was originally a man. I had those first few comics in the series as a teenager. The female version came along years or decades later. No, nobody had a sex change or regeneration, just a different character taking over the lead. I am sure Wikipedia can fill in the details for you.

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