The Wall

If the Democrats want to lose the fight, all they have to do is keep talking. The utter irrationality of their “arguments” has been breathtaking.

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Shutdown stalemate as Republicans go factual, and Democrats go illogical.

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The week in pictures, government-shutdown edition.

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The stupidest argument of the week.

It’s stiff competition.

6 thoughts on “The Wall”

  1. “The utter irrationality of their “arguments” has been breathtaking.”

    Not to mention their ferocious hypocrisy…having spoken about the dangers of unrestricted illegal immigration in the past as well as having voted $25 billion for a wall (and other things).

    It is so clearly a political stunt and not a principled stand. One wonders if the citizens can see that. Half do.

    On a related question:

    Would it be constitutional for the Congress to vote to pay those people on furlough during the furlough? They will get their cash for their paid vacation once the furlough is over.

    1. I’d like to see someone try to justify Pelosi’s statement that a border wall would be “immoral.”

  2. The problem is that Democrats can’t just stand up and admit the real reason they oppose a wall: ‘American voters have abandoned us, so we need more foreigners to do the votes Americans won’t do.’

    If undocumented Republican voters were flooding across the border, they’d have voted for $100 billion for walls.

  3. Facts don’t matter to the Democrats — only emotions. And they can *sell* emotions. Facts require thought. Emotions don’t.

  4. It is tough to tell what the national sentiment is. Polls show people are concerned about illegal immigration but if you watch/read the news, it appears that everyone is for open borders.

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