3 thoughts on “Age-Reversing Gene Therapy”

  1. The questions for me are, how much will it cost, will either insurance or Medicare pay for it, and will non-elite people be allowed to have it? I’ve heard Progressive say no one born before 1976 is fit to live, except for a very few “special cases.”

    What’s interesting for me as well is, I have the genetic heritage to live to that age bracket anyway. Most of my closest relatives (parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc.) lived into their late 80s and early 90s, except for a few who experienced various sorts of “misadventure.” Maybe I’ll not only survive until the coming age of medical miracles, but until the anti-Progressive counter-revolution?

    1. Age-reversal or mass murder are likely to be the only ways the socialist medical systems can survive. They can’t afford to keep paying huge amounts of money to cure the diseases of ageing in old farts who are never going to produce enough taxes to pay for it.

      You’re correct, though; the left love mass murder and will probably pick that option if they have the choice.

  2. Well, age reversal gets rid of the “old farts” by turning them back into taxpayers, whereas mass murder just turns them into a huge disposal problem. Give me an injection that rolls back my age 40 years and I’ll happily give up my claims to Social Security and Medicare. And at 28, with a healthy body and a revitalized brain, knowing what I know now? My value to the Mars colony will be substantial.

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