5 thoughts on “Steak Blogging”

  1. Its fun to try different things but I usually just go simple with kosher salt and then put a pat of butter on top when it gets flipped. I sometimes do salt and pepper but then watched a video about how charred pepper doesn’t taste as good as putting it on after cooking but the nice thing is, steak usually tastes good no matter how you season it as long as you get it medium rare.

  2. I accidentally hit upon a technique a few years ago. I had been using the fry then bake technique (I have a grill but hardly ever use it, since I rarely entertain anymore). One lazy day, I skipped the pan, just tossed a ribeye in one of those disposable baking tins (the high sided ones, which I laying around) and through it raw in a 415 degree oven in which I had been baking a potato. I didn’t even flip it, just pulled it and the spud out to eat, not caring if the steak was gray. But it wasn’t: the hot high side of the tin had seared the top of the steak. It was better than broiled, not as good as grilled, not as greasy as fried, and as close to zero effort as you can get. Nowadays, I add sea salt and white pepper. Somebody gave me a jar of “powdered Worcestershire sauce” this past Christmas, so I sometimes use that as a rub.

  3. Btw, I originally bought those tins to cook something I call Mexican TV Dinners. They are layers of refried pinto beans, taco meat, hot sauce, pickled Japalenos (grown in my garden and pickled by me), onions, “Kraft Mexican Four-Cheese” shreds (because I’m lazy) and Herdez green taco sauce (because it tastes good). Throw it together, put on a lid of tin foil, and bake it at 350 for a half hour. A lazy man’s tasty lunch that will keep a geezer’s bowels running full blast.

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