10 thoughts on “Tribute To A Monster”

  1. “Culinary Great Leap Forward”, “recipes from the Little Red Cookbook” Mao as a panda.

    The author gives the above as examples of why he thinks the restaurants theme is not mocking Mao, but dammit, to me, mocking Mao is exactly what those examples do.

  2. There’s little difference between Nazis and Communists, particularly in terms of how many millions of people have been purposely murdered by their hand. Yet somehow, Nazis are monsters, and Communists, well, they totes meant well, amirite? There’s no doubt that Communists don’t get the same media shellacking and there’s also no doubt that the reason is the large percentage of media moguls who were/are in sympathy with that particular secular religion. The upshot of this is that Republicans must ritually disavow David Duke’s endorsements while Obama and Clinton aren’t even quizzed on their endorsement by the Communist Party USA.

    1. Well, they are both Marxists. People always get bogged down arguing about distinctions without difference when it comes to different flavors of Marxism.

      It gets worse when talking with those who think the inevitability of social evolution that goes something like capitalism > fascism > socialism > communism. Marxists tend to be happy with any of the last three states of being and think that continuous revolution leads toward the Marxist holy land but it really just leads toward which ever of the three states of Marxism that the people in power want.

  3. Of course, we could have the western equivalent of a Diet of Wurms, topped off with a refreshing Agricola….

  4. Just skimmed the title. The Chairman? Who wouldn’t want to eat at a Frank Sinatra restaurant. I don’t get the controversy…

  5. There’s a cocktail bar in Auckland, NZ called ‘Lenin’ (actually, the signage is Cyrillic, so it looks more like ‘AEHNH’). I guess ‘Molotov’ was too obvious.

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