3 thoughts on “Ocean Warming”

  1. Four climate scientists assert (1) the last ~130 years of temperature changes fit “perfectly” into statistical indices of natural variation, and (2) a long-term deep cooling of the Earth system has recently commenced.

    Who knows if their cooling prediction is correct but you don’t need statistics to look at a graph of historical temperature estimates to notice our current temperatures are well within natural variation.

    The current fad religions, whether people are self aware of it or not, is the divinity of self combined with primitive nature religion. They are two separate but overlapping religious movements and the congregations largely believe themselves to be irreligious and also superior to people with traditional religious beliefs.

    These two religious movements have huge impacts on AGW alarmism but also science and our technological business sector.

    It is very interesting from a cultural anthropology perspective but also disconcerting to be living through it.

  2. “Four climate scientists assert” Consequently, their statistical analysis further indicates a global cooling trend has recently begun, and the overall decline in global temperature will precisely reach −0.6051˚C below the long-term average in the year 2111.

    Suddenly there’s no doubt, no uncertainty. These guys aren’t scientists, they’re mystics.

    1. Tu quoque is the weakest form of argument. You are forced to argue your mystics are better than their mystics.

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