7 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s”

  1. It is also notable that one of the main causes of gum disease is surging increases in dietary sugar and in blood sugar over the last 200 years. If Alzheimers ends up being a derivative public health problem dwarfing the already high costs of dental problems, then the sugar industry will take it in the neck, …and should!

      1. Correct! Though we must admit that with this set of data, the link may not be as direct as originally implied when that was first spoken. Of course, with an effect like Alzhiemers, there may be more than one pathway of causation.

        I went through 10 years watching my Mother die of Alzhiemers, and have no desire to experience if for myself. Yes, both she and I have had bad tooth problems.

  2. The mere idea that you have an ongoing long term bacterial infection in your gums, mere inches from you brain, should give anyone cause for concern. What happens if it breeches the barrier and gets into the bloodstream?

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