12 thoughts on “Judging You By Your Drink Order”

  1. With the exception of establishment in which I’m good friends with the owner; I don’t order more than a drink, so I know I don’t care what the bartender may think of that drink or me. On the other hand, if your life requires approval by a bartender; then I might prejudice you.

  2. I’m a scotch and Irish whiskey man with wine and champagne for dinner.

    I vouch for the treatment you get if you buy decent whiskey – I have a bartender now that gives me much more than the usual serving and he suggests things I might like and give me free samples. I think what started the good treatment off was when I ordered a Johnny Walker Blue for my date to impress her.

    He introduced me to Brenne – a French Whiskey.

    Absolutely fabulous. Got two bottles at home. I strongly recommend it.

    Don’t drink much beer. Maybe an occasional Guinness stout.

  3. “The bartender asked me what I wanted. I said ‘surprise me.’ He showed me a naked picture of my wife.”

    – Rodney Dangerfield

      1. That was Henny Youngman, who once appeared on “Hee Haw” and was accosted by Kenny Price as the sheriff. Youngman said, “This same thing happened to me at Milton Berle’s place.”

        Price said, “Who?”

        Youngman grinned at the camera and said, “Everybody says that!”

  4. I have the opposite problem. Most bars don’t stock the bourbon or whiskey I like. A decent bar will have Maker’s Mark. But you get into the craft bourbons from Jim Beam like Bookers or Bakers and it’s largely hit or miss. Same with the expensive Johnnie Walker labels, but I can’t really hold that against them. Single malt scotch similar tune. Sure you can get The Glenlivet most places. But can’t stray too far… Yeah barkeep, go ahead and label me a piker, esp. if I don’t know you. I like to know my bartender.

  5. As a near non-drinker (9 beers last year) that can get a buzz off of one light beer, alcohol snobs can go jump.

  6. I don’t have any objection to most of those, except light beer and the appletini. I can’t imagine why anyone would look down their nose at an Old Fashioned. It’s a classic, square jawed American cocktail, one of the first ever invented, with an aura of Rat Pack cool about it. It just takes a little work to muddle the fruit and sugar, and the fruit is not strictly necessary.

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