The Democrats

lose their minds:

Let’s see … what else happened in the busy world of crazy … excuse me while I flip through my files … Ah yes, there was congresswoman Ilhan Omar, parroting the Kremlin-Havana-Tehran line on the democratic uprising in Venezuela, calling it “a U.S. backed coup.” A few days later, Omar, a supporter of the anti-Semitic Boycott Divestment Sanctions movement whom the Democrats have awarded with a place on the House Foreign Relations Committee, said she “almost chuckles” because “we still uphold” the Jewish State of Israel “as a democracy in the Middle East.” I chuckle—and begin seriously to worry—that someone who cannot distinguish between tyranny in Latin America and democracy in the Middle East commands such acclaim and receives such attention. Omar has former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett in her corner. When Omar dismissed Congressman Lee Zeldin’s criticism of her views by Tweeting, “Don’t mind him, he is just waking up to the reality of having Muslim women as colleagues who know how to stand up to bullies!”, Jarrett replied, “Shake him up!” Zeldin is a Jewish Republican.

Finally, as the week came to a close, the Democrats went beyond their support for partial-birth abortion to defend—the very fact that I have to write the following words saddens me to no end—post-birth abortion. This practice has been known throughout history as infanticide, and it flourished widely in the ancient world before being condemned in the Judeo-Christian tradition. As we “progress” from that tradition—a progression that is in fact a reversion—the morals and values that bind us to a culture of life slowly fade away. They are still there, of course, gossamer-like and tenuous, which is why Kathy Tran, the Fairfax County delegate to the Virginia Assembly who sponsored a bill lifting all state restrictions on abortion, hesitated before admitting that her legislation authorized the termination of a pregnancy up to the moment of delivery.

I’m not sure that this is anything new as much as Trump has simply made it much more obvious.

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  1. The “Death Penalty” is a racist act of murder. Post-birth abortion is a Double-Plus Good because it supports the Mother’s Right To Choose™. I get confused by these fine distinctions … but then I don’t claim to be a Progressive™,

  2. I don’t believe they ever had their minds. They’ve just forgotten they’re supposed to *slow-boil* the frog, and have turned the heat up to 11 because they’re r-selected and incapable of thinking further than their next meal.

  3. As Cato the Elder might have said, The Democratic Party must be destroyed. The Carthaginians at least thought they were pleasing a deity by child sacrifice. The Democrats want to please only themselves.

  4. I’m not sure that this is anything new as much as Trump has simply made it much more obvious.

    I’m not sure how Trump has made this more obvious. Democrats have held these views for a long time and those that hold them, are the activist base of the party. It has been obvious to anyone who has been paying attention. Marxism is ascending.

    The only difference between now and fifteen years ago is that non-Democrats have the ability to bypass the media gatekeepers and publicize what the Democrats are really all about. This is why you see some Democrats getting red pilled and why you see the entire power structure (media, finance, business, technocracy, activist, and academics) trying to strike down dissenting views through censorship, lawfare, boycotts, deplatforming, forced indoctrination, and street violence.

    They would be acting just as crazy had any other person won the Presidency because their actions are not about Trump.

    1. Actually, I’d say the bigger difference is that Democrats have the ability to bypass the media gatekeepers and publicize what the Democrats are really all about.

      Back in the 90s, any Democrat politician had the media between them and the public, so when they said batshit-crazy things the media simply wouldn’t report it, or would tone it down before they reported it. Now, those Democrats can go direct to the people through Twitter, and the batshit-crazy is hanging right out there for everyone to see.

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