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  1. It is kind of funny that people on the right are onto the tropes the DNC media uses: mislabeling of party affiliation, leaving off party affiliation, burring information, pounce, seize, ect.

    The media keeps on doing it though even when people predict their response before it is written and after they get made fun of for using the tropes. But then again, people on the right aren’t the target audience. They are really effective tropes to use when targeting casual consumers of news who don’t read carefully and the tropes appeal to Democrat’s confirmation bias.

    There must be an unofficial style guide.

  2. Unfortunately it kinda has the Minorities have taken over the Democratic party (after long time of being ignored and being useful idiots) so the scum fled the party and eventually ran to the Republicans and taken over. (Ala Trump’s base and Steve King) Where the historical Republicans have been reduced to RINOs (Lincoln today would be considered RINO). Now this change is much later than the myth that the media and schools puts out. Why is it the south /confederate states now all republican strongholds? Where former republican strong holds like California, and North East are now democrat strongholds, only Traditional republican strong hold left is the none coastal western states and scatter remnants in the Midwest.

    1. California is now a Democrat stronghold because they allow non-Americans to vote. Eliminate the illegal votes of non-citizens and it’s still Republican.

      1. Care to back up that claim here my proof to the contrary.
        This is more argument for Trump crazy that the illegals cost him the popular vote in California.

        But in 2016 there no clear case of rampant illegals voting.
        Each congressional district in California has the same population illegal/legal so vote count is a good proxy of turn out.
        Now I am taking a assumption that the only illegals is Hispanics which I know isn’t true but they are the only ones that be significantly affected by a wall.
        Only 2 out of 27 district that had average or above average vote count had Hispanic population percentage over 40%, it is 8 with the percentage above 30%.
        In those 27 districts 9 republican won congressional seats vs 18 democrats in 2016, The average winning congressional republican vote percentage was 58.0% vs Democrat 69.9%, with a maximum of 63.5% for republican and democrat 90.08 % (13th district). These 27 districts account for 59.79 % of all votes in California congressional races. So yes tell me how if we got all the illegals not to vote in California it be republican in the 2nd and 12th districts and others?

        Here is a spreadsheet with some data mining I did https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LXhfQStOxaO5Lufye9ZzMmRGASL-Cw5zv0s_UhVlOZc/edit#gid=0
        Now I did a column with the (District Vote count/avg vote count state wide)+ distinct % Hispanic to locate any district that might have issues with high vote percentage and high Hispanic population, the only districts that the republicans were within 10% of winning/losing were the 24th and 49th district.
        One interesting thing is the Asians and Hispanics just don’t vote silicon valley congressional district (the 17th) has a Asian majority and has one of the lowest turnout though guessing it could be a high H2B visa population.

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