5 thoughts on “Hamilton”

  1. To be fair (or not), the counter-factual play sounds like a SJW screed, so there’s that.

    As with most things, the truth is likely somewhere in between, and wildly more nuanced than either presentation of the supposed facts.

  2. It sounds like the “historians” are probably as revisionist as Lin-Manuel Miranda (though I suspect the latter is ignorant, not revisionist). It’s a sign of the intellectual dysfunction that is political correctness that two sides of an historical argument are both so wrong.

  3. The “corrective” play sounds worse than the musical. Hamilton, together with Washington, took a broke banana republic that was about to be torn apart by scheming foreign powers and turned it into a functioning state that could maintain its independence and laid the basis for its subsequent growth and rise to power. This is the important historical fact about Hamilton; his personal virtues and failings are just detail.

  4. I’ve listened to the album a couple of times… not my style of music, but I think it’s well done. I have friends here in Tucson who drove to Phoenix, spent $200/seat for tickets, plus a hotel room overnight. My strategy has been to wait for the inevitable movie adaptation and to see that for $8.

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