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  1. I don’t know why Spengler is surprised that people who have no religious faith, and therefore no hope of immortality, would be obsessed with death. Horror fiction is a symptom of the human condition, not the cause.

    1. The average American’s life can be divided into four quarters: boring school, boring work, more boring work, and chronic illness leading to a slow death. I wonder why society has held together as well as it has.

  2. Horror stories are always popular when society is turning to crap. And zombie movies are especially popular because the zombies are a politically-correct stand-in for swarms of mindless SJW NPCs.

  3. Since adolescence people have been telling me the world is turning to crap. I myself have had a wonderful and adventurous time. And if in your mind, your constantly circling the drain, you have a hard time enjoying the present.
    Some times a “Zombie” is just a “Zombie”.

  4. I didn’t like the part about the girl who wants to grow up to be an astronaut walking on the moon. Spengler (David Goldman) acknowledges that wanting to grow up to marry a prince isn’t better. His point seems to be that it is progressive (and therefore bad) to want to invent your identity, right? And that it is bad to not harken back to history when telling stories to our children? Well, becoming royalty by marrying a prince *is* changing your identity, and, currently, walking on the moon *is* history, so I think he picked a pretty bad example of what he was getting at.

    Here’s the bit, for your convenience:

    That is horrible, but the market appears to believe in the story. Why else would Netflix trade at more than 100 times earnings, while Disney trades at just 15 times earnings? An advertisement on the New York subway shows a children’s book that begins, “Once upon a time there was a girl…” The next panel has these words crossed out: “…who wanted to marry a prince.” In their place, the third panel reads: “…who wanted to walk on the moon.” So much for the misogynistic inheritance of Disney. As it happens I detest all the old Disney films as saccharine buncombe, and have no objection to female astronauts walking on the moon, but it isn’t about that.

    The core of the progressive cultural program is the delusion that we can invent our own identities. That is the Satanic bid for the human soul in the modern world, as Goethe showed us in his great drama Faust. We despise the traditions that we received from our forebears, and propose to teach nothing at all to our children […[

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