4 thoughts on “A Four-Generation Society”

  1. A five generation society could be a more free society.
    Assuming decent quality-of-life among the eldest.
    I don’t think spending 10-20 years hooked up to a ventilator & defibrillator counts just to get to that magic “5” number.

    How so? Well who cares if among 90-100 y/o’s they start to take up smoking, saccharin, red dye #2, gun owing, poor diet, sugary drinks, mind altering drugs, handling hazardous materials, living under power lines and voting Republican? It could finally put a nail in the coffin of “do it for the children!” Because by the time you get to great-great grandchildren, even a single couple that modestly only reproduced one or two children will have dozens of descendants. It not like you need to ban it among the oldest members to save society. The bets have already been placed….

  2. My wife’s family is 4 generations deep. Her grandmother is getting to the point of needing a pace maker. However, our daughters are in their mid twenties, so it is possible the 5th generation may arrive in time.

    Technically myside was 4 generations deep for a short while.

  3. Even as longevity is increasing, fertility is decreasing. Why this correlates, I don’t know. But without actual, you know, babies, you don’t have “generations”.

  4. Well, if people were having babies at the age that was common in the past, a 4 generation society would have been achieved decades ago.

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