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  1. It looks like it and it would have been nice if the article was a little more straight forward. There is a lot of speculation about how the NE got the text messages, but a lot of people are interested in Bezos than just Trump.

    It is highly unlikely that Trump would use the NE to do something like this while the NE is under investigation by the special counsel.

    1. How did AMI/National Inquirer get the text messages?

      From Mr. Bezos’ home-wrecker mistress, that’s how.

      It wasn’t from the president sharing an NSA electronic “intercept.” How stupid do people think we all are?

      1. Well that is misdirection and shiny object for the rubes (Though doubt it was her directly or us goverement). And they never say which government , The Saudis could be it.

        Though really more important question is..
        How bout the President has been working with extortionist/blackmailer to hide potential black mail material from the public. What did the extortionist ask of him for this just money or something else? The extortionist has a history of attacking the presidents enemies Pervy Ted , Sick Hillary, Cheating Bezos, so what did the extortionist ask for that? Or was it to get him in office then ask for presidential favors?

        1. The National Enquirer has a long long history of running stories like this and as far as killing stories that might be negative for a politicians, the NYT, WAPO, and all the rest of the DNC media do that all the time.

          No one knows anything yet. First they said it was the mistress’ brother, then Trump, now the Saudis? Notice how all of the speculation is whatever Democrats view as a boogieman rather than anything based on rational thought or evidence?

          1. You right the NI has a long history of leveraging people to do favors, see Tiger Woods men health cover ( While he had a exclusive magazine deal with Golf Digest)

            Don’t think you find the NYT , WAPO and all the rest of DC media (that has any inclination to be reputable and primary focus of News, not an entertainment/news conglomerate aka ABC/CBS/NBC/Fox and other that might be in bed with those they cover like a Harvey Weinstine or NFL) taking money from those politicians to kill a story. You be hard pressed to find an institution asking for a favor to kill a story. At best I am sure you find the individual journalist asking for comment/interview. Give them a chance to refute the scoop or a comment to help set a narrative. Certainly not ask for a specific public statement.

            The NYT certainly didn’t do HIllary any favors they were all over the email scandal, and do believe they had extensive coverage and broke a lot of the Uranium One.

  2. It’s written by a lawyer about the law, It’s not allowed to be straight forward. Volokh is probably close to being burned at the stake at the next ABA meeting for coming as close as he does.

    The latest idiocy is that the same NSA/intelligence establishment that’s been sandbagging and obstructing Trump leaked the texts at Trump’s order.

  3. It’s cute that a guy worth over a hundred billion dollars thought that a picture of his junk would be what it took to excite a woman.

    1. Bezos’ wife will get at least half of their net worth, making her the world’s richest woman. It also makes the other woman the most expensive in history. Bezos let his small head do the thinking and it’s going to cost him about $65 billion. I don’t care who she is or what she did for him in bed or elsewhere, she isn’t worth it.

  4. The NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt was so behind the curve.

    Their lede breathlessly delivered by Mr. Holt has how Jeff Bezos was threatened by AMI, parent company of the National Inquirer, with the release of “intimate photos.” The implication was that the unnamed CEO of AMI (the man’s legal name is David Jay Pecker, but NBC could not mention that on the air) had links to Mr. Trump, insinuating that the president is behind all of this.

    If NBC has a microgram of integrity regarding not disclosing half truths, they could have said the Mr. Bezos gave a graphical description of a salacious photo of himself in his e-mail to AMI complaining about their offer not to disclose that photo that he regarded as blackmail. It is also believed that Mr. Bezos took that photo and transmitted it over the Internet to his mistress, a relationship connected to the breakup of Mr. Bezos’ long-time marriage. It is not known how AMI obtained the photo, but information on the Internet is easily shared once it is transmitted to another party.

    What I just described would be the minimum disclosure from NBC that wouldn’t be half-truth Fake News. From the Nightly News, a viewer wouldn’t know 90% of this story, namely, that one of the world’s richest persons is acting like a 13-year-old male with a smartphone, infatuated with a female in his social circle with “a reputation.” The only news you get from NBC is that Trump is up to another one of his dodgy schemes.

  5. What really amazed me was the utter, profound, and repeated stupidity of Jeff Bezos; he’s a big part of building a surveillance state, and he actually thought stuff on his phone was safe and secure?

    As for the NSA, yeah, they could do this with ease. And they are no fan of Trump, so him ordering this would be leaked in an instant. This isn’t just a smear on Trump, it’s a mind-numbingly stupid smear on Trump.

    And as for the national enquirer, perhaps, just perhaps, they ought to have realized that, when committing a felony, it might be best not to do so in writing and send it to their enemy.

    Exit question: does anyone involved in this have even one functioning brain cell?

  6. “Exit question: does anyone involved in this have even one functioning brain cell?”

    Rhetorical question, right, CJ?

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