3 thoughts on “Twitter’s Political Bias”

  1. Since, in the view of Twitter, the norm of the world is to be increasing progressive memes, then any non-progressive statements, or even statements making it harder to propagate progressive memes, are actionable. Statements that propagate or extend progressive memes are to be welcomed. This is the world inside Twitter.

    I once signed up for Twitter, nearly 10 years ago, alongside FaceBook. I found myself not actually using either for anything but an easy ID when commenting on other websites/magazines.

  2. Podcasters Joe Rogan and Sam Harris both received backlash from their respective audiences

    Well, Rogan is habitually unprepared for his shows. This does allow him to ask some good questions but it also means he doesn’t know what questions to ask or the context of the subjects he is talking about.

    Harris is a smart guy but blinded by his ideological binders. He isn’t often self aware. He is the one who gave me the notion that Democrats like carefully crafted deceits. He was being interviewed and was asked about Trump’s dishonesty and he thought dishonesty was pretty bad but was worse, Trump didn’t put in the effort to concoct some grand deceit that would at least allow people like him to suspend their disbelief.

    That either of these two people would fall for the carefully crafted deceit of the technocrats isn’t in the least surprising.

    You don’t need to do a statistical analysis to show Twitter discriminates. All you need to do is observe the people who are not punished. The ambiguity of the rules allows for abuse because abuse is the point. The limiting ethos is not one aligned with American ideals, it is marxism pretending to be for progress. This means abuse directed toward some isn’t just ok but a moral obligation.

  3. The online user-authored Medium magazine is a cousin to Twitter, and seems to be less infected with banning of commentary. It’s actually funny how they have some of the most outrageous leftist work there, and it gets panned solidly, over and over.

    I expect at some point the the PC stasi will start cracking down on dissidents there, too.

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