3 thoughts on “The Greening Of The Planet”

  1. One of the grand ironies is that the global warmistas say reducing Co2 is all about “living in a greener world”. I’ve been pointing out the actual effects of CO2 on this for many years; it’s creating a greener world.

    1. Yes, but just as they invented “rotten ice” when their claims about arctic melting didn’t pan out, I’m sure we’ll be told that these are rotten plants, full of environmental toxins, and invading regions where there aren’t supposed to be many plants.

      1. Oh, you dont know?

        Excessive greening pulls co2 out of the atmosphere and causes ice ages. This is what happened when the Europeans killed off the natives in the new world. Wilderness that had been tamed by the natives, because they are in tune with Nature, grew back and sucked up alllllll the co2 causing a little ice age.

        I dare you to parody the AGW movement and not have that parody come true.

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