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  1. From your 2nd posted link:

    “In charge after his former boss, Jeff Sessions, recused himself, Rosenstein advocated that Trump fire Comey, then used the firing as a pretext for appointing Mueller. He also signed the final secret court application, thus giving a misleading endorsement of the Steele dossier.

    Yet Rosenstein, a career prosecutor who is expected to resign now that Barr takes over, nonetheless developed a good relationship with the president, and it somehow endured the Times report last September of the 25th Amendment plot. And he was able to convince the president to withhold documents detailing why the FBI and Justice Department first focused on whether the Trump campaign had any improper relationship with Russia.”

    I would have to take issue with this. He didn’t have a “good relationship” with Rosenstein, far from it. Remember he was told by Dems and Republicans alike (notably Lindsey Graham) that if he fired Rosenstein as he (Trump) was clearly itching to, it would cause a “Constitutional crisis”. He was basically stuck with Rosenstein until he first jettisoned the worthless Jeff Sessions (another one he was told he couldn’t fire for the same reason) & appointed his interim replacement. They even said that temporary perfectly legal appointment was “illegal”; “un-constitutional”; etc. Trump simply felt he had to wait until the right moment to make his move and he finally has.

    1. Same goes for why he couldn’t release the documents without redactions, Democrats would claim that is obstruction of justice and Mueller would have too.

  2. It is/was an attempted coup. The people who illegally went after Trump, at the direction of Obama, and who rigged the Hillary investigation, also at the direction of Obama, are all on the SC.

    We know it was at the direction of Obama because of the emails and texts released that reference his personal involvement in both events. The Strock/Page texts showed he wanted to be informed about everything with Hillary and Susan Powers had that ridiculous memo about Obama telling everyone to spy on the Trump campaign “by the book”.

    It was the most corrupt administration in our history. The last time we had an attempted coup was when Lincoln was assassinated. Hillary would have continued that corruption because she was a big part of it and so were our career public servants and the media, even Bill Kristol. The media participating is the scary thing because they continue to control information about the coup and even cheer it on and lecture everyone else about respect for our institutions. Democracy dies in darkness indeed.

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