6 thoughts on “A Failed Coup”

  1. I’m glad people are starting to write stories about this, but the timeline is still off. The coup began during the campaign, and it wasn’t to take out Trump. It was to secure Hillary the Presidency. Trump is just the hapless target by virtue of being the GOP nominee.

    One day, the GOP will wake up and recognize this. So much of this went on for so long because Jeff Sessions was compromised early on. A more competent AG would have demanded that Rosenstein recuse himself, as well McCabe and Mueller. How dumb do you have to be to recuse yourself, and then not understand why others should also recuse themselves. Sessions wouldn’t be obstructing justice by demanding Rosenstein, McCabe, and Mueller follow DOJ ethical standards and the law.

    The American people are the heroes in all this. They recognized the threat of a Hillary Clinton administration and took appropriate action. All our leaders that stood on principal while doing nothing earlier to stop this; they are pathetic and need to retire. Some have. But first, they need to clean up this mess.

    1. Yes. The key would also be the statements that Rosenstein made to Congress; to wit, that the remarks made about invoking the 25th Amendment were not “serious” and made in jest. This of course contradicts the statements made by McCabe in his 60 minutes interview and also the FBI legal counsel who said they were very serious. This would be actual obstruction of justice by Rosenstein; making false statements to Congress and further obstructing by not testifying and handing over requested documents in a timely manner (un-redacted). Squeeze that weasel Rosenstein hard enough and he will squeal like a pig on the other conspirators. Whether a plot to wear a wire to try to compromise the President and attempt to invoke the 25th is a stand alone crime itself I don’t know. But a pattern of deception and dissembling to Congress about it after the fact surely is.

  2. It’s been transparently obvious to anyone paying even casual attention that this whole thing has been an on-going coup attempt and that has been true right from the get-go. Coup attempts are acts of treason. Treason is a crime punishable by death. There are at least two dozen people, including Obama and both Clintons, who – in a world where there was actual justice – would now be in the death house at Leavenworth awaiting their individual dates with a length of hemp.

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