8 thoughts on “My Lawsuit”

      1. I understand that too, but that will be interesting. Lots of talk right now about enhancing libel law (Trump wants more protection for public figures) and more restrictions (Covington defendants). Will your case be the one to test this?

        Either way, many more years to come. By then we will know if Mann was right or not. [Spoiler, he’s not]

  1. The lawsuit is still younger than the primary mirror for JWST, and its cost overrun debt is greater than most college endowments.

  2. I’ve been aghast since this started that it ever began. It’s a travesty, and disgusting, and symptomatic of a rot at our core when the 1st amendment is trampled like this.

    Rand, I’m very sorry you have to go through this. No one should, ever.

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