The Smirking Bias Of The Media

Thoughts on language, from Howie Carr.

[Update a couple minutes later]

The media will help re-elect Trump. Which is ironic, of course.

[Update Monday morning]

Bill Maher will help Trump get re-elected. These people who hate Trump sure seem to be working a lot harder on his re-election than I am.


[Update a while later]

The Left is dancing on a powder keg. This derangement is a perfect example of Haidt’s thesis that while we understand them perfectly well, they have no idea how we think.

7 thoughts on “The Smirking Bias Of The Media”

  1. I’ve seen an interesting argument that “wokeness” (and all the SJW virtue signaling that kids are being taught) is the exact opposite of what a competent psychologist would recommend for coping with life’s stresses. It’s taking everything known about cognitive behavioral therapy and doing the exact opposite, such as teaching people to magnify trivial worries into world-ending catastrophes, to assume that everyone else is evil and focused on trampling your rights, etc.

    Normal, well-adjusted functional people can go into one end of the leftist social/educational system and anxious, bitter, angry, paranoid, dysfunctional people will come out the other, because the whole belief system is structured in a way that is guaranteed to do exactly that.

  2. I recall having conversations decades ago about media bias with Democrats and they just didn’t accept it. But Howie Carr gets to the point about the linguistics. It is very easy to overlook because reading is a lot like watching a movie and we suspend disbelief and critical thinking as we consume the media. The finer aspects of craft are ignored in favor of appreciating the product.

    Even after explaining the craft of word choice, sentence and document structure, and topics covered, many Democrats would still not comprehend that there is bias or just respond with something like, “Reality is biased to the left.” It really is a religion and “God” is on their side.

    Because the next Democrat president might be the last president of a free America, and then we will have to shoot our way out of socialism.

    Just look at how Democrats wield corporate power and think how things will be when they pair that with political power. Project Chokepoint has become the standard for how Democrats run corporations. Toss in some regulations, an abusive DOJ, and an activist judicial system and American institutions will cease to exist.

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