8 thoughts on “The Gun-Control Debate”

  1. Why the Left won’t win it.

    They’ve won it everywhere except here. I wouldn’t be that confident that they can’t prevail here either, ultimately.

    1. “They’ve won it everywhere except here.”

      Not really. Every time I see pictures of someone’s California-legal rifle, I’m glad I live in Canada.

      There are many countries that have not-that-horrible gun laws, though obviously the left are always fighting to take them away. Canada’s aren’t that bad, and much of Europe is OK.

      Yesterday, for example, I saw an M2 machinegun for sale for under $4k. It sold within 24 hours, to some lucky soul with a machinegun license; they’re dying off, but a lot of people do have them. I believe we have more full-auto AK47s here than are in the US.

      In fact, most Americans would cry if they saw how cheap full-autos are up here, for those who have a license to own them. It’s just difficult to get permission to shoot them, and post-WWII are limited to five rounds at a time.

      Actually, I discovered the other day that apparently even the UK lets you own ”historically-important’ machineguns, if you jump through the hoops to get a license. They just have to be stored at an approved range (of which there aren’t many) and can only be fired there.

      I really wish I’d known that when I lived there.

  2. Recently seen on Facebook:

    “You don’t need 30 rounds to hunt.”*

    *Correct, but the 2nd Amendment was not written in case the deer turn against us.

    1. Well, rounds per target varies directly with how many beers you’ve been waiting for the deer to appear.

      1. When I was in high school I heard about a friend of a friend who was drinking and hunting deer up on a strip mine with an SKS modified for full auto. A large herd wandered out of the woods, so he opened up and emptied his entire magazine, which was probably 10 rounds but might’ve been 20, depending on what aftermarket magazine he’d installed. Deer were running everywhere, but he didn’t hit a single one, which shows that you need at least a 30 round magazine for deer hunting.

  3. I think that for many people who want to ban guns it has become less about banning them, because thy know they can’t get enough votes to change the constitution, than it is about punishing gun owners.

    Today, my friend Bethany Mandel published a similar essay in the New York Times, describing how her mother once chased off an intruder with a gun and how she herself decided to buy a gun when her family was threatened during the 2016 presidential campaign.

    It still amazes me how we have a wide spread organized and unorganized campaign of violence since the 2016 election season began and it receives little mention in media and politics. It is the biggest untold story of the Trump years and is very similar to how corruption and abuse of power was the biggest untold story of the Obama years.

    Imagine if one of Pence’s kids was arrested for beating people in a state capital. We would never hear the end of it. But when Kaine’s son does it, we hear nothing.

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