3 thoughts on “Michael Jackson”

  1. I’ll admit that I didn’t read the whole thing, but I think I got the premise: MJ is solely responsible for his music and thus his music should be boycotted; WA and RP are only the directors, and therefore not worth boycotting and harming the others who were involved in their movies.

    That said, if there is victim restitution involved, and it comes from MJ’s estate, then how do the victims receive restitution if his estate is bankrupt from people boycotting his music?

    Maybe that was addressed in the article, but once I got to the “Woody Allen isn’t the only one working on Woody Allen movies, so it’s almost wrong to boycott them” premise, I stopped reading.

    1. A lot of people helped MJ make his music, maybe not ad many people who work on a movie.

      Watching Manhattan knowing what we do now about woody is a little scary.

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