3 thoughts on “The Aristocracy Of Victimhood”

  1. The Victimhood craze ends the second a majority of people reject being manipulated by guilt. Particularly guilt for things they aren’t personally responsible for.

  2. Looks like Jonah will finally have the time to catch up on his reading so maybe he wont be surprised by the progressive stack.

    People don’t pretend to be another race or fake hate crimes because they are searching for meaning. They fake being another race because the Democrats are racist and the path to power for them in their native race form is limited. People fake hate crimes because they want attention, celebrity, power, and to scapegoat their perceived enemies.

    He is right that victim identity is a resource but is off a little bit on why it is a resource.

    1. “He is right that victim identity is a resource but is off a little bit on why it is a resource.”

      Actually I think you re both right:

      You are right in that the power hungry cynics who want power any way they can get is use the guilt card to get there and they don’t care who gets destroyed in the process.

      But I also think there is a huge collection of rudderless people who have no meaning no goals no ambitions, and are completely lost and simply have not made themselves belong….who want to belong. And they fake themselves, and other people out to bolster their empty lives.

      In my opinion, Rachel Dolezal did not pose as African-American because she saw it as a path to power. She saw it as a means to make herself feel better the easy way. To become a victim is to make oneself instantly loved and accepted by a group of people.

      The power hungry know there are people like Dolezal around and they use them

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