Space Force HQ

Greg Abbott wants it in Houston.

Of course he does. Let’s put the HQ of one of the services in a place that gets slammed by hurricanes and floods on a semi-regular basis.

Vandenberg would be a good location, other than earthquakes, but Colorado Springs, the current home of Space Command, is probably best, both in terms of centrality and low risk of natural disasters (other than fire). It could even share the service academy with the Air Force.

3 thoughts on “Space Force HQ”

  1. Or someplace cheap, since the military has to pay a housing allowance. Perhaps Huntsville, or would that cause service rivalry problems? Florida might also be good, since they would have closer access to launch facilities, so maybe McDill or Homestead.

  2. I just don’t want it. It is one more bureaucracy to feed. Get rid of two others first, then lets talk about a new one.

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