The Farmer’s Walk

This is the first time I’ve heard of this. When I had my physical last week, the doctor commented that I seemed pretty strong (for my age, anyway), but to the degree I am, it’s from normal physical activity (I carried a lot of heavy loads last year renovating the house in Florida: cement, flooring, etc.), not deliberate workouts. I should try this.

6 thoughts on “The Farmer’s Walk”

  1. Standard Crossfit exercise, just be careful to maintain form (back straight, shoulders back, chest out) or it could bite you. Of course, I did this daily on the farm as a kid so not new for me…

  2. Basic part of the strongman training I’ve been doing for the past year and a half, and I’ve never felt better.

  3. Start with dumbbells and when you get above the heaviest pair of dumbbells use the bars with handles that take plates. My gym has those.

    1. How about doing this to carry water, fertilizer, tools around an actual farm to do something useful?

  4. A quite extreme version of this has been a competitive event in World’s Strongest Man competitions since their inception.

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