2 thoughts on “Trump’s “Slashing” Of “Science” Budgets”

  1. Of course, we know that Congress will not accept this budget proposal. The House Democrats will team up with the Senate Republicans to expand the 2020 budget.

    It is the same thing that happened last year. Proposals for modest cuts met with freak out by the sciency community while congress increases spending. Then the same people will complain that Trump doesn’t care about deficits.

    Is the sciency community that easy to fool? I don’t know but it is clear that they don’t see the deficit and debt as a problem that their interests should share the burden in getting our budget under control.

    Zimmerman does a good job looking at the trade offs in the budget, with a mix of specific increases and decreases. I think a lot of the space nerd portion of the sciency community would agree with some of those cuts because it is something they know about but when looking at other agencies, does Gell Mann kick in?

  2. I don’t think Obama got any of his budget proposals passed- and their only value was for humor.
    I guess the press likes grand budgets that don’t get passed.
    And doubt Trump will get any of his budget proposals passed- until wins 2020 election and Dems are completely crushed.
    They are useful in sense they could give a clue what the President might not veto.

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