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  1. Rand, since you have been posting about Socialists and now Environmentalists, Venezuela’s leaders are blaming their 5-day blackout on a U.S. cyberattack.

    Questioning this, some in the U.S. examined satellite images and claim that forest fires disabled the high-voltage transmission towers supplying electricity from a major hydroelectric dam. They blame the blackout on fires from untrimmed brush under the transmission towers in rugged, mountainous terrain.

    Can anyone around here tell me another place where a government on the slippery slide to Socialism prevented the brush from being trimmed around high-voltage electric gear and this set fires resulting in considerable harm? Anyone? Anyone?

    1. As pork goes, XS-1 is maybe a handful of bacon bits. DARPA is not a source of long-term, cost-plus program cash. XS-1 is one of DARPA’s bigger programs, but its budget is minuscule by normal DoD standards. That’s why Boeing elected to build their entry using mostly repurposed technology from Shuttle and X-37B.

      XS-1 may wind up being a pork appetizer in the sense that it provides a small bite of sustenance for one of the legacy primes after which it will be retired to a museum somewhere and never used for any practical purpose. Or wind up in some obscure storage yard like the X-34 prototypes.

  2. I’m not in the habit of wearing baseball caps, but the red “Make Orwell Fiction Again” hat is a beauty.

  3. What’s entertaining about the original topic is the replies on Twitter: a bunch of people insisting that he wasn’t a founder. Stalin would be proud.

  4. Can someone explain exactly what Google has done? Where was this photo that they have removed? What site was it on?

    I’m missing something here.

      1. That’s what I’m not getting. Is he claiming that Google has blacklisted a bunch of sites that identify him as one of the founders of Greenpeace? And that this happened recently? How did he determine this? Has he been doing a search for “founders of Greenpeace” at intervals for the last few years and suddenly noticed sites that identified him as a founder are no longer coming up? What sites does he think should be coming up?

        I don’t expect you or anyone else to have the answers but his complaint seems very vague.

        And just out of curiosity, is he a founder of Greenpeace? Or is it just a claim like Al Gore inventing the internet?

        1. As far as I know (and I’ve known this for several years), he is a founder of Greenpeace. This is the first I’ve heard of it being in dispute, but he notes that people have been deleting him from the Greenpeace Wikipedia page, and that this removing him from search results seems to be associated with that. He has before and after screenshots from the Greenpeace site. This is apparently the price of his heresy.

          Let me put it this way: If I have to take his word, versus that of Greenpeace, I’m going with him every time.

          1. There are also contemporary news paper articles that list him as a founder.

            It is really well documented.

            This shows how effective leftist propaganda and fascist technocracy is.

        2. When you search “Greenpeace Founders“, Google lists founders like a digital version of some club’s portrait wall of founders/former board members. This guy used to be included in that listing, but he no longer is.

          BTW, Snopes also tries to claim that because Trump called him a co-founder, that the claim is “mixture”; which I think means true, but with their opinion that it shouldn’t be true because of reasons that Snopes don’t want it to be true. But Greenpeace both claims he was a founder and was on the founding voyage. So I rate Snopes claims to be 4 Pinocchio’s.

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