College Children

Who do not belong in college.

What a societal disaster.

[Monday-morning update]

Are parents robbing children of their adulthood?

Yes. This is one of the things that drove the “keep your ‘child’ on your health insurance until he’s 26.”

Meanwhile, what happens when all of childhood becomes college prep. In this formulation, the kids are being robbed of their childhood. In some sense, both things are happening.


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  1. Of course, what is driving the linked OP and mentioned within it is the current scandal du jour on payment for college admissions. Am I the only one taken aback when Felicity Huffman, who is apparently an actress that I am unfamiliar with, was woken in her bed by seven (!) FBI agents in her home with drawn guns? Why? Did they really think she was going to go all Machine Gun Kelly on them?

    Of course, if you ask them, they will tell you “procedure” and “officer safety,” but it is really just the ongoing intimidation by law enforcement agencies against their tax-paying employers – as well as overtime pay opportunities for the five excess agents. I really wish we had a media that would shout from the rooftops every time this sort of overreach occurred.

    1. I wonder if the original plan was to have media and they chickened out. The bail seems excessive for what will probably end up as a fine and probation.

      I’ll bet there are a lot of coaches of minor sports that are cashing in. I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for these schools to do audits but there’s probably an increased consumption of underwear.

      1. If you look at the list of minor varsity sports at an elite school, it reads like a list that Thurston Howell III would come up with. I think I read that about 40% of white Harvard students got in as athletic recruits. I’d assume that’s largely an alternate admission system that operates as one might expect.

    2. Instead you had breathless reporting such as

      Operation Varsity Blues, which began in May 2018 when FBI officials stumbled across a lead while working on a separate and unrelated investigation, involved the work of more than 300 special FBI agents.

      I think that was the primary reason. It makes for a sexier story to have all this manpower running about.

    3. I think it was a “Hey, look! Squirrel!” move by the FBI to distract attention from the bureau’s many scandals.

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