5 thoughts on “Gun-Control Laws”

  1. We’re about to find out how well they work for New Zealand.
    I presume no one will think of breaking into a New Zealand military Armory or Police Hq. And of course everyone else will voluntarily surrender their semi-autos.

    There there is the Swiss model, where everyone is expected to keep a military weapon at home in case they are called to duty militia style and military service post secondary school is mandatory.

    Um, the last time Switzerland was invaded was … when?

    1. To be fair, New Zealand is one place that gun control could work to some extent, because it’s thousands of miles from anywhere but Australia, which is thousands of miles from anywhere but New Zealand. That makes smuggling more difficult, though not exactly impossible.

      Oh… except guns are trivial to make. I remember two illegal SMG factories found in Canada last year, and one illegal gun factory in the UK.

      And I’m pretty sure all the legally-owned guns bought there in recent years are registered, so the government can just round them up. Just more proof that registration == confiscation.

      1. Auto-CAD and 3D printers. A gun ban will have to eventually include a ban on all forms of data encryption.

        Just another thought… 100 or so years down the line, when the LZ’s land on New Zealand shores how quickly will they be able to arm and stave off an invasion? Well they’ll get an opportunity to incorporate another new culture….

        1. Oddly enough, I was watching a video a few weeks back about the tank the New Zealand government built early in WWII based on a farm tractor chassis. An interesting bit of improvisation, but not terribly effective as a tank.

          But yes, I’ve been wondering how they plan to fight off the Chinese in a few years when the PLA invade. I presume they expect the US Navy to protect them, but the way things are going the Navy fleet will crash into each other before they get out of the harbour.

          Shame, because New Zealand was a great country when I visited in the 90s. It seems to have become a Marxist utopia since then.

  2. Guys, New Zealand has always had a virulent strain of Marxism and no limits to government in its political makeup.
    It is just about undefended. For example if a bunch of jihadis hijacked an airliner out of Sydney all the NZ government could do is wait for them to crash it into a building which could be anywhere in NZ. They have no Air Force worth talking about and the Royal Australian Air Force couldn’t do anything about it either. A couple of VIP (ha!) transports, a few helicopters, a few P-3 Orions and a few C-130’s. Oh and half a dozen or so T-6 II trainers.
    They do have a small special forces army contingent and a couple of frigates in the Navy so they will both be unavailable at times. They were going to buy three but cheaped out.
    Truly a nation of sheep.
    It has also become a totalitarian thuggocracy over the last week with two guys in jail without bail for sharing the video of the Christchurch attack. Political prisoners.
    There was an interesting little movie set in NZ made many years ago called “Sleeping Dogs” starring Sam Neil. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleeping_Dogs_(film)
    Of course in that movie it was the evil right wingers that were the baddies. (dear god it was 42 years ago)

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