3 thoughts on “The Crazy Democrats”

  1. I’m currently working through VDH’s book on Trump. It is well encapsulated at the second link. The book is mostly stuff I already knew written in a style likely more appealing to the DC/NY/Silicon Valley crowd, such as the messages to progressives. Kurt Schlichter’s version was comedy gold.

    It is too early to know how 2020 will go, but considering the efforts by Democrats to invent new voters and dream of one day coming back to power to create a permanent ruling structure; it doesn’t seem like that are confident.

    I’m confident of Trump’s message. His major failure on border control is hardly his. The GOP squandered their opportunity. The Democrats overplayed theirs. In the meantime, Obamacare is gone, tax reform was passed, and the economy is booming and lifting all races, genders, and sexual preferences.

    1. “and dream of one day coming back to power”

      You mean like when american voters over turned the house and republicans lost 40 seats?

  2. Have you seen the Instapundit’s link to the Washington Examiner on Colorado’s John Hickenlooper’s kiss-and-tell autobiography?

    His accounts of his, um, experience, I just cannot put place where I have heard this all before. Just as Governor Hickenlooper explains how he broke up with a woman in his life, I got it! George Costanza is running for president.

    “What do you mean telling me, it’s not you it’s me? I — invented — it’s not you it’s me!”

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